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Thread: New tank!

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    New tank!

    I started this around February.

    I built a smaller stand to see if my carpentry was good, originally for a 60 gallon tank.

    Then a friend who collects tanks (he works with the LA Sheriff's Dept with wildlife, fish & game), had one I fell in love with, a 90 gallon and built a completely different dimensions of stand with anticipation of slightly larger dimensions than he gave me.

    When i brought the two together, they matched up PERFECTLY. In a carpentry/framing state of mind, that NEVER happens.

    So, after scheming all of this, I set a realistic budget of approximately $1700, a medium priced for a reef tank of this size. Nothing in it is automated, nothing wireless, everything using analog timers and the most basic of sensors and circulation.

    I also chose to dive in and get as many pieces used as possible.

    So far, I am only about $500 in, and i might land just shy of $1,000,which is remarkable for a project of this magnitude.

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    Re: New tank!

    This one is clearing up 10x faster than my first reef.

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    Re: New tank!

    Almost done setting this baby up.

    I still need to plumb the majority of things, but I've got most of my other tank's residents in.

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    Re: New tank!

    Keep posting more pics!

    I love seeing your tanks.

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    Re: New tank!

    Plumbing is complete!

    My budget went way low, and all I need to do now is skin it to be "complete."

    I also went to OC Pet Expo this weekend and am about 7/10th of the way sure about the light I think I will get to streamline the look of this tank. There is one other tank that is about 60 bucks more that I keep Himming and Hawing over, but I should know for sure by the end of the week.

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    Re: New tank!

    I went ahead and took the plunge on the most expensive piece of aquarium equipment i have ever purchased and bought a brand new JBJ Led sl 140 through amazon.

    It was about $100 bux less than retail, and $80 less than a similar competitor.

    It arrives tomorrow, and I am anxious as hell.

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    Re: New tank!

    1) wide shot of whole display tank
    2) closeup of my refugium's macro algaes (special ordered all of these from Florida.) they are red because they are grown under a separate light normally used for hydroponics.
    3) close up shot of my Euphyllia corals and my 'nem.

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    Re: New tank!

    I bought a new light, my most expensive individual piece of investment on my whole adventure through this hobby,which is ironic ,really ,when you stop to consider that this whole thing is a visual experience.

    Regardless, so far, i am more than satisfied with the money on spent on this piece of hardware. Here are the newest pics.

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    Re: New tank!

    That's a serious tank of water!
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    Re: New tank!

    Another piece of the puzzle!

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    Re: New tank!

    I went to Pet Kingdom in San Diego yesterday, for a meeting with my FW club. In addition to Pet Kingdom, we stopped by PetZone (FW Only, but very impressive stock), Aquatic Warehouse, and the Petco. I had a transaction error at Pet Kingdom and got a double charge, which I discovered while at Aquatic Warehouse, so I didn't want to buy anything (I'm stingy like that), and after that, it took AquaSD out of the question. -- There is always next time, and Pet Zone will be one of our next meetings in the future.

    At Pet Kingdom, I discovered a Yasha Hase Goby for sale. I had been looking throughout the IE and SGV for the past two months for one, and to no avail. A couple of stores had gone to the wholesaler and been unable to locate one, as well.

    This one, according to the sale associate, had been there for 2 and half months, and never came out of the rock work, so no one knew it was in there.

    I bought it, brought it home, gave it a couple hours in QT to adjust (After the 3 hour ride home), and dropped it into my DT around Midnight last night. Less than 12 hours in the tank, this happened.

    I had not seen the Pistol in months. Not since February, or March. I knew the pistol was in that piece of Live Rock, as it continued to fire away at night, but I had not seen it since the day after I had put it in the tank. I tried a couple mediocre traps, and instead just decided to pull it from the tank and put it into the new one.

    I am so glad that I did.

    Those SD stores have got something amazing going on. I really like how much space that most of them have, and their stocking is quite good. Plenty of $5 frags - nothing spectacular in that price window, but at least they are there.

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    Re: New tank!

    One more video, this one to show scale of how little these guys are.

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