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Thread: Mass Effect: Andromeda

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    Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

    O M G
    the facial system/design is DIABOLICAL! Mass Effect 2 had better character/face creation, jebuz!
    best character I could make looks like a moron who'd be the dumb side kick at best in 3rd rate animation, frikkin "Poser" basic does better!
    it's so bad unless it can be improved don't think I'll play this, because the incredible jarring between otherwise pretty/interesting world/scifi etc, and this ghastly stupid looking buffoon of a character is too much

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    Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I always went with the default Shepard. I've never been too interested in character design in these types of games so that won't affect my enjoyment of the game much. Downloaded the game overnight so I'm hoping to get to crack this one open tonight. Just finished Horizon: Zero Dawn Sunday night too so I'm good to go!

    BTW: Horizon: Zero Dawn is a very fun game. If you like the Uncharted/Tomb Raider style of games that one needs to be on your must buy list. There are things that Uncharted does better (climbing being one) but the story is awesome.

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    Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I usually go default because I don't like messing with sliders, but I've also never really liked the custom characters in Mass Effect in the first place.

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    Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

    You guys can be my canaries in the coalmine on this. I liked the good ones but did not love the last one.

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    Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I've played for a couple of hours now. First impressions:

    It looks GORGEOUS. I have a 4k tv with HDR (playing on the PS4), and the colors/sharpness are amazing.

    Combat is a lot more fluid than in previous ME games just because its not all hallways and straight lines. Its definitely faster paced and more tactical. I usually play tech/biotic so as a departure I am playing a Soldier this time with grenade, concussive shot, and turbocharge. Assault rifle rips through stuff, especially with Incendiary ammo.

    They have stressed exploration a lot, which I like. I have already found alien artifacats, buildings, and a ship I could explore.

    Its Mass Effect, with some differences and extras.

    The bad: Animations, particularly facial, have some issues as reported. Not game breaking, but off-putting on an otherwise very polished game. I am not far enough in yet to comment on the characters or storyline too much, but nothing cringe worthy so far. Scanning is going to be this game's gathering - I am already tired of it.

    So far, I am liking the game a lot. We'll see after I get 10-15 hours in.
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    Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

    random shot with Ansel and its color slider maxed.

    no HDR since I do not have an HDR monitor. it is 144hz Gsync though so everything is smooth.

    image not embedded due to size would totally screw the formating of the thread.
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    Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Looks amazing. I'm on the road *sigh* and there's just no way I'd even attempt this with my employer provided laptop. I won't be able to try this until Friday, grrrrrr.
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