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Thread: Tales from Techsupport

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    Re: Tales from Techsupport

    In the past, our team of arborists (separate entity) have been held liable for signing off on stuff that has fallen that they did not trim.

    I imagine that this should be no different.

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    Re: Tales from Techsupport

    Quote Originally Posted by FilanFyretracker View Post
    on a side note, Holy shit those are narrow parking spots. I mean sure its an Econoline but really those are narrow as hell spots, an Impala would be a tight fit.
    Welcome to CA, here is your parking space meant for a Yugo. I don't know if this is even close to any truth, but it seems like CA allows for smaller spaces hoping it will be like s subliminal message to get a smaller car, with better gas mileage. It just seems to be how CA thinks. But fuck'em, I drive my F-150 and try to park as far away from other vehicles as I can.
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    Re: Tales from Techsupport

    That is crazy because I have a small car that would be a tight fit. Well the Cruze is sold as a small car at least.
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